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    Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. engages in the design, production, marketing, and distribution of hydrophilic polyurethane sponge cleaning and waxing products primarily for vehicular use in the United States. The company utilizes patented technology relating to sponges containing hydrophilic, which are liquid absorbing, foam polyurethane matrices. Its product portfolio comprises specially configured sponges containing an outer contact layer and an inner matrix; children's bath foam sponge with a safe mesh coating, which prevents tearing; and household cleaning sponges infused with anti-bacterial bath and kitchen soaps. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in New York, New York. (From
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    Take a look at this stock everybody. Looks like a decent trade. We seemed to have put in a low yesterday on super high volume. Today I was watching it and near the end of the session there was just massive buying pressure going on non-stop! It was relentless Somebody shorted quite a bit at .027 earlier but had to puke them back as the price wasnt breaking down and the bids kept firm. Fundamentally it doesnt look bad. No debt, a business model I can actually understand, increasing revenue growth, etc.
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    None of you penny players are in this?

    I picked up some a few weeks ago and its up bout 35

    This is penny stock that is actually a company, they are doing some vey agressive advertising and seems like a strong company.
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    I picked up 70,000 not long ago at .0195. I agree it seems to be one of the few pennies out there that looks like a real company. Probably hold until if/when it hits .05 and then sell half and hold the rest longer term. Even considering picking up some more shares next week depending on conditions. Maybe do so by selling out the rest of my UNDT.
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    SpongeTecs COO, Steven Moskowitz, said, I am very pleased with our new orders and extremely pleased with the acceptance of our product line in the marketplace. We are receiving 'tremendous interest' especially in our new Household Products and Child's Bath Product lines. I hope to announce a major event with our Child's Bath line of Products in the very near future. We are very excited to exhibit at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas for our third year; first week of November, come see us at our booths, 134 and 177 -- more news on that to follow."

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