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    Futures circuit breakers are very near, DOW down 550 (they are at 548 as I write this) NasDaq down 85 (down 83.75 as I write this) S&P down 60 (at 60 as I write this). This would stop futures trading lower until market open at 0930. This could be the worst sign yet of an economic debacle. Grim signs out of Asia and Europe adding to the trouble.
    Songs will be sung about these times.
    Unfortunately I have to drive up to Rhode Island and will only be able to listen to the unfolding apocalypse on the radio. Good thing I can switch back and forth between CNBC and Howard Stern.
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    Stock Market Crash of 1929....October 24th! Weird!
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    Some scary stuff indeed, thank god I had no position overnight. The way we've traded pretty much screams of a deflationary depression scenario ahead, I just hope it's orderly and not complete torch and pitchfork chaos as we blow off the ridiculous amounts of leverage in all sectors of the economy.

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