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    Default Where are earnings reports first published?

    Are quarterly earnings reports first published on the SEC's website or issued in a press release? If they are first made available to the public in a press release then is there a website that is consistently among the first to post earnings reports when they are announced? Do any services send out email notifications?

    It appears that most companies do not schedule the time of day that they will announce their earnings reports in advance. Does the exact time that the company will release their earnings report become available on the day of announcement, and how often does a company release their earnings report while the market is open?
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    I don't think there is any website that release the information right after the companies release earnings report.
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    Companies all release their earnings at different times due to their individual financial schedules and not all of them will release the earnings report prior to the day of their earnings call. They will usually announce whether or not they will release the earnings report early and you can sign up for their email announcements.

    The SEC website or the company websites would be the best choice to find the reports. Usually the company will keep their earnings reports on their website for months and the SEC website will have all of the reports.
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    Most companies report their earnings either before the open or after the close. Sites like and other news services will have earnings calendars that will tell you the expected time of earnings releases.

    Stocktwits is also a pretty good resource for staying on top of companies reporting earnings as well.
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