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    Grpr drilling news next week will probably trade even until news hits .this one is getting tight so it will either explode or crap out .already made a little cash here bought back in at .016 last week .so roll the dice or don't dont but I'm in
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    Look at that chart here it comes !!!!!

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    I might just toss in $500 and let the chips fall where they may.
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    I think you've got a good one. Chart looks good for a run. Btw just signed up, this is my first post. Been trading "penny stocks" for years but this is the first time I devote all my concentration and energy. Loving it. :beerglass:
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    I must not see what you guys see. Just because there is a golden cross and a potential MACD, it tells you very little. It's good to know what these are because it helps you predict the psychology of the people entering the trade but beyond that it is useless.

    Read and memorize the following:

    The fundamentals don't move price.
    The technicals don't move price.
    Order flow moves price.

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