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    Default What exactly is options trading?

    I do nto know anyhting about options. I am clueless as to what they are and how they work. I was hoping somebody could explain this all to me.
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    Did you look down a few threads and see the already present Options thread?
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    I am clueless about Loop Quantum Gravity, you explain that to me and I'll return the favor.
    Seriously, you're asking for a huge amount of information to be spoon fed to you by someone you don't know. Buy a book or two. If you can't afford to pay for an options education you're not ready to trade them anyway. Good Luck.
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    When you buy an option: you are buying the RIGHT not the OBLIGATION to purchase the shares at a certain price, by a certain date:

    Let me give you a quick example:

    Lets say you have a house for sale and you am asking 100 Thousand dollars. I am interested in buying, but I am speculating that in the next 6 months, the property values are going to increase.

    I come to you and say: Hi, I would like to buy your house but I would like to purchase the OPTION (the right) to buy the house. You say: Umm. Ok, I guess, what do you mean:

    I say: I'll give you 5 thousand dollars CASH. The cash is yours to keep forever- BUT you MUST (obligated) to sell me the house for 100K between now and say, 6 months from now. If I dont buy the house you keep the 5K. If I do buy the house you keep the 5K plus the 100K I give you for it.

    4 months goes by and properties increase 20 percent in value. Your house will now sell for 120K. You cant sell it!! You have a CONTRACT where YOU are OBLIGATED to sell me the house for 100K.

    I give you the 100K and buy your house. You made the 100K you wanted, and the 5K for WRITING the option.

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