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    After spending years developing automated intraday trading strategies for the futures markets, I have switched gears to focusing on swing trading with a 5-20 day holding period. Although my strategies on intraday markets are profitable, commissions and slippage eat up too much of the profits. By switching to swing trading, I am able to produce better risk adjusted returns.

    I still utilize most of the techniques I developed for day trading. For example, instead of filtering stocks based on unproven filters or based on my gut, my software automatically scores all 500 S&P stocks based on hundreds of patterns it has identified as containing a statistical edge.
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    This scoring produces several stocks daily, which I then further analyze to determine which I will buy the following day. I just recently switched to this trading style, but I am recording all my picks and analysis on my personal blog.

    I will start posting daily updates here as well. These updates will have the stocks I am looking to buy, as well as updates on my overall progress. I invite you to ask questions or make suggestions.
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    Do you mean your software filters for technical chart patterns? Just trying to figure out what you are filtering for and the setups you buy into.
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    The software uses a unique data mining approach. It was trained on 12 years of S&P OHLC stock data as well as data on NYSE-TRIN,NYSE-TICK, and ES futures.

    During the training phase it was searching for patterns which were able to "statistically" tilt the odds of directional movement one way or the other. After all the patterns were discovered, they were then combined in a way to produce a score for each stock.

    The highest scoring stocks makes it on my watch list for the next day.
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    This week is off to a slow start. I will only be watching one stock tomorrow, RSH. If it can show some strength, I will get in with a stop at $5.85

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