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    So I get this 7 color glossy brochure in the mail. On Monday it was .165 with 1,000 volume by lunch. Looked like crap. Hype? Friday, .70 and today 8MM shares trading... mmmm Any thoughts? Anyone else get this brochure?

    Again - IMTC. Software development.
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    That is called a hard mailer. Basically some one is running a very expensive P&D campaign on this. Normally with a promo budget in the millions as it costs to print up those nice flyers and pay for postage. Basically they will rise the price up all the while selling their shares. then towards the end will come the massive dump.

    No revenue since they have been reporting (since 2009) that should tell you if that is a real deal or not. Basically someone has a very large convertible that they need to get their money out of so they are doing a very large P&D.
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    Anytime you get a hard mailer pumping some stock, just watch Boiler Room and remind yourself that these hard mailers and landing page campaigns are just old school schemes upgraded. Read the disclaimer and see how much of a budget they are "managing." Some of that is used to prop the bid on the way up while they sell on the ask. Once they are done selling the price will find its way to the basement and never return....

    You can trade the chart sure, but don't fall in love with the story. However dilutive APDN is, at least it's a real company, IMTC is not.
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    This was suspended by the SEC this morning. Hope none are stuck in it. Such is the risk these days with pump and dumps. SEC finally cracking down fairly quickly compared to years past.

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