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    I called FB long on June 5, 2013 at $23. As of today it is up 200 and still going. Like us to get live picks and updates:
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    Do you own it? Anyone can 'call' it at anytime and then brag about it later..... I hate threads like this, it doesn't actually help anyone make any money.

    I called AAPL back at $20 years ago..... Get my point?
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    Ye, would be much more impressive to say how your account performed vs some index or something for 2013. Entry and exits are not the same as "called".

    One reason is that anyone that had the sense to enter at 23$ would probably have exited that position a long time ago...Aug, Nov or Jan 14 for sure.

    An article I scanned over the other day asked a question about what people should do who went long at the bottom of the market in 2008-09. Really? Anyone who had the sense to go long at that time has probably been shorting for the last year...and they definitely wouldn't be holding the same positions. Where do they find these people,,,,Just sayin'.
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    raises hand, still holding two from 2008.... rest have sold long time ago

    the two still holding SCI and LVS

    figure gambling always be around, and well SCI they will be too
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    You all bring up very valid points so please allow me to retort. First, I post market ideas and commentary because I enjoy being helpful to others, not because I want to boast or impress. Second, I ALWAYS eat my own cooking. Third, if posting directional ideas accompanied by trade risk doesn't help anyone make money then, I ask rhetorically, how will posting account performance help anyone make money? It wont. Fourth, saying entry and exits are not the same thing is like saying the brake pedal and the accelerator in your car are not the same thing. Both statements are correct but if you don't know how to use both of them equally well you'll end either going no where or getting hurt really bad. Lastly, we are all involved in a zero sum game. As my equity curve steadily rises every week & month the money deposited into my account is possibly coming out of yours. So, you should worry less about when I exit my trades and more about when you exit yours.

    Good luck to those of you who need it. Happy trading.

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