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    I went to cash earlier today when the Transports failed to follow the Dow. Looks like we pull back here, not sure if this is the start of something bigger or a bigger bullish setup. However, we are getting close to March so this could be part of a much broader pullback.
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    Thought you went to cash a few days ago? Why you always have to start multiple threads? I know its just to piss me off now. LOL.

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    Blaine, I'm a position trader. We all trade differently. I went to cash on Friday and traded Tuesday. I usually like to take a position for a week or possibly two. I don't typically like to day trade for the most part. For instance I entered Gern yesterday, it didnt do what I wanted, sold it and moved into STXS overnight. My intention was to hold both of them but I was still weary of the market at 16200. I'm not liking the action so much. When I noticed the transports going the other way early and the market was up, I sold off my positions and walked away. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Sure, I probably should have initiated a short position but Im not entirely sold that the market breaks down here again. However, the market action is pretty funky right now, so I think we have more room on the downside left. Maybe some back filling by 100 or 200 points.
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    Dude, the ONLY reason I rag on your multiple threads is because it pushes other good threads back multiple pages. It just comes across as spam. I'm honestly surprised Thierry doesn't combine more of your threads.

    And of course, each is own opinion, BUT just keep the forum clean dude, that's all I ask.

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