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    Default how will cops fix their image

    The cops have uncured an image similar to Star Wars' stormtroopers.
    And before you say I'm black, I'm not black and I've been a law abiding citizen all my life, and even though I've never committed a crime in my life, I'm afraid to speak to the cops, I don't hate cops, I just feel uneasy with them, I feel like there are venomous snakes, if I make any sudden movements they'll hurt me.
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    By using water guns in life threatening situations.
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    According to the U.S. Supreme Court that's not they're job description. They're function is now the same as the Gestapo's.
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    I've seen a Youtube video of a good cop chasing an crooked cop for speeding and the crooked cop didn't pull over at all, even flashes his badge at the good cop, anyway, the crooked cop got away because he managed to cross state border and he had the audacity to use the BLUE CODE OF SILENCE defense and the good cop says it's cops like him that give good cops a bad name.
    I couldn't find the video, I guess it was taken down.
    And that's the point of this thread, how do cops fix their image due to crooked cops giving them a bad rep.
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    I honestly believe it goes both ways. Both citizens and officers are wreck less... and do you want to know why? Simple. We’re human. Our biology and chemistry is different in every way. No one is the same, even with twins. We all can act out of order, but it really shouldn’t be that much of a big deal considering half of the world is starving while the other half is obese. Humans are probably the most evil race to ever exist. In this day and age no one is right. It’s just a matter of everyone thinking they are above the other. I also have to add this. The more knowledge we gain.. the less innocent we become. A perfect example of this is “PleasantVille” the movie.

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