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    While I appreciate that someone took the time to create content I believe it should be useful to some extent. I have a hard time believing this person really trades options. The benefits of selling puts are indeed worthy of commentary however much of this is a bit misleading.
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    Ye the limit order part is obvious...just not my thing...I don't have any interest in the risks involved with catching a falling knife. I love buying weakness but I like to see some hint of bottom before jumping in. And it involves tying up that much capital for gods know how long with no gain if it does not fill.
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    What you fail to see is the names mentioned are best of breeds. So as far as being a falling knife, its not like these are going to fall off the face of the earth and keep going. As well this strategy is not far the little accounts trying to make it bigger. These are the exact strategies funds take into buying underlying at discounts.
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    Are you making money by waiting to see if it falls that low? What you are missing is the point that this is what the "individual" is wanting to pay for the underlying. They are getting paid to wait for it to reach the price they are willing to pay for it. That level they have set is a technical level based on their strategy.

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