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    Anyone have any insight on this terrible pump/dump stock?

    I bought plenty of shares few months ago and of course, news that the CEO isn't paying employees and stock continues to decline.
    I'm at the point now where I think I'm just gonna hold b/c if I'm much closer to zero and hoping for a miracle instead of selling now and keeping a $180 bucks or so.
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    What do you guys think?

    Live and learn for this penny stock for me.
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    You got that right, SPBU is a terrible pos. It had potential and they ruined it. They raised a ton of money last year and didn't do anything with it. Maybe just paid insiders.

    This guy came here and pumped it awhile back. Claimed he owned like a million shares or something. Here's the two threads he started on it. My input is in those threads.
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    Isn't their investor relations guy named Kevin? The posters handle here is KevinBest. Coincidence? .....

    Sucks you lost on this but like you said take it as a learning experience. They may eventually do a reverse split to get the price higher and then dump more shares in attempt to stay afloat. If this is the case you will lose the rest. If $180 is all the rest you have in your trading account it may be in your interest to sell just to focus on making a better trade and work on building a little confidence in your trading, even if the next few trades are for very small gains. It will do wonders to your confidence and you'll want to learn more, save more, and then trade more. If you have more money in your account and don't care about the $180 then just let it ride and hope they can pull off some miracle agreement with Samsung & Apple or something. Really depends on how long you are willing to wait, how badly you want to learn to trade, and how much other monies you have. Good Luck with your decision.
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    Yeah man, I've got several thousand in stock market with big stocks such as apple, pfizer, boeing etc. But I tried to look at penny stock market and kevin's pumping posts are what got me. I guess I've realized that in order to play penny stocks, I need more free time, definetly more research and knowledge. So for now, I'm going to stick to that $180 and see what happens and do much more learning before trying another penny stock. Actually, I'll probably want to learn from you before I go down the penny route again.

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