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    Default AONE - Bankruptcy Bounce Watch this morning

    AONE filed for bankruptcy this morning. The stock is gapping down 60! Reminds me of PCXCQ before it made a nice bounce off lows. It is a very risky play, and this will eventually move to the OTC and change its ticker to AONEQ. But there is potential for a quick bounce play. I will be covering this in chat today.
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    1 mil bidder at .06 right now. Might bounce off this level later. I'm already in, fairly small amount, averaged down a few times. I think it eventually bounces a little bit.
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    .06 failed this time, headed lower now.
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    Lost a few bucks on this Tuesday. Just didn't have the big bounce.... yet....

    Waiting for the "Q' to be added and then re-evaluate for a better setup.

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