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    Default Any good Penny Picks right now

    Any good roller coaster penny's right now? Whats been making some returns for anyone?
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    Ticker symbols: WPCS , PHOT , HEMP , CBIS , MJNA , REVI , NBY , DEWM < those will make you money.

    you can also look into GENE but its international,and very risky but will still make money. i would say 100 without a doubt get REVI CBIS MJNA and HEMP
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    stockmastertrader - A) if you want to be taken seriously here, change your handle. B) Post more than tickers. Why are they winners? news, charts, sector story, etc. Anyone and their mom can list a few ticker symbols and claim they know something.

    Otherwise, 100 without a doubt, don't touch any of those until you understand the penny stock game. It's rigged. You can't win by gambling. Must learn price action setups and follow liquidity.

    Yeah weed stocks are hot again, but just like last run, earlier in 2014, it is not sustainable. Could they go higher, sure. However, most have much higher floats now to take into consideration. (If you don't know what a float is, you aren't ready to trade) BUT focus on learning to recognize price action signals for high probability moves. You'll learn how to manage your risk in the process which should be a priority since you're gambling your hard earned money. I'll update some of the weed charts with my thoughts later this weekend.
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    But go back and read the thread from beginning. Watch the chart progressions over the time span. Learn the psychology and realize how important the chart is for trade planning.

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