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    Default Whats the deal with Crox?!

    Why is it tanking even thoug it beat earnings estimates and had revenue grow from last quarter of 99? Also the fiscal revenue grew over 138 I still do not understand why it would tank on this news? Can someone who has been following this stock alot longer then me give me some info on whats going on? Thanks
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    I believe it was their inventory numbers, but I could be wrong.
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    a trader i follow regularly wrote this about CROX back in September of 2007:

    Recent churning action below $60 per share shows that buyers are no longer in control of the stock. However, sellers have not completely gained control either. It is a tug-of-war between supply and demand as we await the ultimate direction of the next trend for the heavily covered Crocs Inc. (CROX).
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    I was short this and ntri. Too bad i didn't buy puts for ntri. Lately i've seen lots of 50 crox's etc etc at stores. I think they will end up like hlys. Their shoes are also ugly.

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