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    hey everyone looking at a stock called PWE... Have been watching for a while now.. it moves a little here and there but they pay a nice lil dividend. .33 a share every month. They are a canada trust fund so they have to pay most of their money back to the share holders. I was thinkin bout getting in and doing their drip program... over time my shares will add up and close to 2011 when parlament or the canada gov decides if they should tax them or not ill either sell or hold. Anyways opinions are much appreciated
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    I've been watching the oil trusts myself. Two key fundamentals are how much reserves they hold ( HTE has 9 years of reserves ) and wether you believe that crude oil prices will hold above 90. I am of the opinion that crude may dip down to the low 80s sometime soon. That would be a good time to pull the trigger. The research that I have done points to a good chance that the tax treatment may not change in 2011. Even if it does, they will still pay 7 or 8+ div. after canadian taxes.
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    Also, you can go to and take the link to Edgar online. There you can hunt up the 6-k filed in Jan. Lots of info on current and ongoing ops. Hope you like legaleze.
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    I have been pondering these oil trusts for the last few days. These are new to me. What are the disadvantages to investing in one of these trusts. It seems the stock stays fairly stable and pays a great dividend. Are there tax disadvantages to this type of investment? Just curious why there is not more chatter on this topic.

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