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    Default FNAT... a rose by any other name...

    I offer this thread for no other reason than to point out the comical traditions that penny stocks continue to adhere to...

    FNAT, First National Entertainment Corp... sounds simple enough, but then the first line of the news release really grabbed my attention :eek2: ...
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    Apparently, First National Oil & Gas Corp was already taken... or... no, couldn't be... these Pink Sheet companies never misrepresent themselves do they? Hmmmmmmmmm
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    Kite Flyers Anonymous Corporation is a great stock imo.. i heard a rumor that the medical devices they are putting in a jello sized shrimp fried rice stains will overcome the foserities in the NBA for quite some time
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    Maybe they are being totally honest - they are just entertaining us with the press releases.
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    This stock has been a miracle for me, expected to go to 0.14 this thing will easily hit 0.10 I've been watching it for week or two now, it's done amazing, came down off it's 52 week high and is slowly moving up past it, watch this one everythings set for it to rise in the morning from the last volume like it did the day before

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