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    Default Prime Example Of Post And Pier Construction.

    Family trip to Santa Cruz....Here's a prime example of post and pier construction
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    Post and pier construction done wrong maybe....

    Seems like there was probably a lot of heaving as well, maybe inadequate pier depth and lack of bracing? Also looks like a really old building, any idea of the age?
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    I was wondering if that old engineering marvel was still in existence. Must have been rebuilt several times since I was a kid. Great place to have a ton of fun between there in Santa Cruz on down to Monterey or on down One to Big Sur down to Santa Maria. If I - we were was not busy building a house I would be thinking dang you flyingvan.... TIME FOR A ROAD TRIP!!! But then Glenn does not sound as he is very available - him working his fingers to the bone and getting boney fingers and all!!
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    I kind of wish I'd gotten a picture of the post and pier foundation. It was the only thing in the structure plumb. Building on that steep slope with designed in angles way out of straight with thousands of tourists going through is impressive. I wonder what the code check for the thing was like

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