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    Default FFFC could be exploding today with monster news!

    It is an exciting time for FFFC!

    This one got a BIG news aftermarket and that could steal the show

    Just right after the market close, FFFC announced a seasoned sporting goods executive to join its Consumer Products division. Very impressive background!

    This company holds a license related to a provisional patent titled, METHOD OF SEPARATING CARBON DIOXIDE. FFFCs patent is related to methods of decomposing a gaseous medium, specifically, relating to methods of utilizing radio frequency energy to separate the elemental components of gases, such as carbon dioxide. It intends to commence research and development with a goal of potential commercialization.

    As you study this company, you can see that its going in the right direction. In addition to the current business operations in financial services, the FFFC plans on expanding its business activities into the following additional business segments: technology development, consumer products, and natural resources including alternative energy.

    I love this companys strategy that is to seek potential growth opportunities, develop and incubate them, and seek industry partners for the commercialization phase. These affiliations may take the form of partnerships, joint ventures or spin-offs.
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    I also notice that FFFC is trading around 5 cents only and it actually crawled up 300 from two months ago.

    As for me, FFFC is still at extremely attractive low levels and the chart looks like it is overdue for a huge breakout to the upside. This company looks well positioned enough to continue their growth and maximize returns.
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    I can tell you FFFC is definitely a new monster ready to burst out to new high with the new press release!!
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    With recent bullish activity in this stock, we may be catching FFFC on a nice run to a new high. I am hoping to see this stock test those limits pretty soon, and with any luck, we may see FFFC push through its normal range into uncharted territory in the very near future! I believe the big aftermarket news earlier will be that catalyst!
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    Dyson seriously? Down 30. We can always count on you to deliver a winner.

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