Thread: Is Timothy Sykes a scam?

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    Default Is Timothy Sykes a scam?

    Thoughts on Timothy Syke's programs? Is it a scam? Does his method work?
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    Timothy Sykes visits this forum, maybe he can answer you himself!
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    Links to a few Sykes threads on this forum are below. I think I've made my opinion clear about Sykes in the past. Although if you are completely new to the penny stock world his material will wake you up in regards to the shady business nature of pumps and dumps and his dvds offer insight on how to trade them. Although he his turning into more of a momo trader lately as he just has too many subscribers to 'pick' penny stocks as they become pump and dumps themselves. So he has been playing higher priced stocks lately.!?highlight=Timothy+Sykes
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    You will find plenty of Sykes haters and lovers out there. Here is Sykes recent trade history. Notice he often takes profit after just a few cents. Nothing wrong with making a profitable trade, but unless you have serious dough to follow his trades you'll end up about flat on most of them.

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