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    Does anyone know of a good investing book that has been published recently? Im not completely new to the market; just looking for better ways to invest - after looking around, I couldnt find anything worth my while. So if anyone has read a good book recently, please let me know.

    All help is appriciated!!
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    I've read 3 books and have pulled useful information from each:

    William J. Oneil's How to Make Money in Stocks, a national Bestseller.

    Toni Turner's Beginner's Guide to Short Term Investing

    Jim Cramer's Mad Money - Watch TV, Get Rich.

    I'd rate the books in the order I listed them.
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    "Reminiscences of a stock operator" is a classic. Such a fun read.

    I tout "trading in the zone" anytime someone asks.
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    The only new trading book I have read recently is The Wallstrip Edge by Howard Lindzen. And that was because he gave it to me so I felt obligated. That said it's a really good book for a trader who isn't really secure in his techniques, or is starting out and looking for an edge. Howard is a brilliant guy and he's made money in his hedge fund using the techniques in his book for years in all markets.
    I admit a pretty serious bias here as he is a good friend but I think anyone who asked the question opening this thread will enjoy and benefit from reading it.
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    That's a good one. I like the for dummies, or idiot's guide as they are pretty appropriate in my case.

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