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    Finally, maybe this is going to become legit. I called the Claire's store at Rimrock Mall in Billings Mt. and asked if they had the new Lyric stuff. The lady on the phone said with no hesitaion that it would be available within the next week or so, and that she had it showing up as coming merchandise. I will believe it when I actually see it in the store, but this news should cause a lot of bagholders like myself to get in the mood to buy in again. It bears watching for the next week or so at least. Just is coming off of a big low, may be finally time to make some $$$ on this.
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    LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/03/11 -- Lyric Jeans, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: LYJN) today announced that Lyric Culture is launching a collaborated jewelry collection for girls ages 13-17 under its LYRIX brand at Claire's Stores, Inc., the leading specialty retailer of fashion accessories and jewelry. The collection, exclusive to Claire's, hits nearly 800 stores in March.
    The line carries an assortment of jewelry featuring interlocking bangles and rings with lyrics written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and made famous by the Beatles including "All You Need is Love" and "Can't Buy Me Love." The collaboration is a natural progression for both brands as music and fashion are such closely connected entities. The Claire's brand sees the partnership as an opportunity to embark on new territory as well as a way to update their current inspirational call to action jewelry. The retail price for the products ranges from to 10.50 - 12.50 USD.
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    "Our adult contemporary jewelry collection has been a huge hit at boutiques and better department stores and we're excited to create something special for the teen girl at Claire's and introduce her to iconic songs made famous by some of the most legendary musicians of all time," said Hanna Rochelle, President of Lyric Culture.
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    Representatives at Claire's highlighted that the teen consumer truly associates themselves with emotional messaging because they are at an age where they may not affiliate with a cause but they are moving in a purpose driven direction. This type of collection adds some meaning to the statements that they make with their fashion and in the process allows them to connect with the Claire's brand.
    The fact that the focus of the assortment is on Lennon/McCartney songs comes at a truly opportune time. With the addition of the iconic Beatles music to the iTunes repertoire and the buzz that the release has had, the teen demographic has been exposed to this music that is generally associated with their parents. Claire's & Lyrix see this as a prime time to re-introduce the Beatles' legacy to the youth of today. The success of this line will ultimately lead to the growth of the assortment. Future collections are planned to include hit songs by contemporary artists.
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    Not a matter of having balls here. More of a matter of, this was the first big pumpndump experience for me to get classicly burned on. I been waiting for almost a year for half a chance to at least get my $ back. If indeed, the Claire's line does hit the stores, I believe that I will have a short time to get out at least even.
    I am optomistic to a fault on these pennys. But just enough have come thru to keep me trying.. I will be spending some more time looking into it before the opening bell tomorrow. I got a gut feeling that this Claire's deal will get pumped for all it's worth and I sure would like to leave bagholder status. Wanna make a friendly bet that they hit the press twice this coming week?

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