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    It has been a long time since I have been here so I come out with all guns blazing. Hello OTF community!

    First I would just like to say I see the economy recovering here. People are spending money on things that need to get fixed or things that they need or want. The recovery is happening but slowly.
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    Now let's look at America's demographics. The baby boomers are set to retire. America is top heavy, old, and the younger generation is spoiled lazy. So most of these 'earners' will be on fixed retirement income.
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    Let's look at QE II. It will devalue the dollar so exporters can compete. Not possible with the yuan pegged to the dollar. As the dollar goes down then so will the yuan. Also as a result of devaluation, the price of oil will go up. Every commodity priced in dollars will go up. The end result is that to benefit the banks and exporters, the people will end up paying this hidden 'tax' in the form of higher prices for gas, groceries, bills, etc.
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    Looks like QE2 is coming to the tune of $600 billion. On Wednesday we will have the schedule for this. I am not one to stand in the way of a freight train so I will trade with QE2. It should be no different than trading the POMO days. But we shall see.

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