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    Hi guys,So I am thinking more concrete about my first trades and have shortlisted some stocks. I try to analyze it and explain to you why I like to buy these shares and also where I see risks.I would like to ask you about your opinion and if you think the reasoning is good enough. Thanks in advance.
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    Continuously increasing Profits the last years

    On the rise for the past 6 months, I do not see any resistance

    Here it is also more like gut feeling (I think that actually this might be a bad indicator)
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    You wanna swing these? And if so, for about how long? I only ask because the time frame is important as to what you'll look for when you pick a stock.
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    Yes, swing was my idea. I think that HPQ would be even possible to trade longer.

    SNE I wanna hold until $34/35, I am a bit afraid of the resistance at $36, with a stop loss of $28.

    PBR Hold until $10, same argument as above I see the resistance at around $11, stop loss at $7.

    HPQ as said above I am unsure if wanna swing or long trade it. I currently dont see any reason that the stock would drop below $31 and there is a lot of room above with no clear resistance.

    Btw, these are my views with very limited knowledge. Please correct me if I am wrong!
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    I cant tell you whether they are good or bad, and everybody has limited knowledge in one aspect or another, but I do think I can help you get on the right track a little. I do not keep up with any of these tickers and everyone will probably have a different way to look at this, but here is mine.

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