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    Default Thinkorswim pattern scan.

    If you are new to thinkorswim you might not know that you can search for specific technical patterns that fit your trading style. Heres an example of a scan of PPT in a pennant formation.
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    You can also screen for particular candlestick patterns, just right click, find patterns and candlesticks. Here is the variety of candlestick patterns.
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    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Have you used it much while actually trading? Are the pattern identifications pretty much accurate that it picks?
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    Yes, I have used the pattern recognition scan. The patterns it picks are decent but there are not many for lower timespans. The pattern identifications are accurate most of the time. It is a good idea though and they should work on it further.
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    That is cool. I did not know that and I have been using TOS since I began trading. Thanks.

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