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    Hi guys I'm going to be posting a couple of stocks which are gong to be dipping down some high percentages. If you can find any of them to short then short them.

    For Wednesday June 6, 2012:

    For some background since i'm new here, here were yesterday's picks:
    YLWPF -22.5
    SOEN -42.86
    FLPC -13.04
    FORC 0.0
    OBJE -1.80
    SYMX +0.86
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    Sorry about today's picks I guess they didn't drop. I will be posting more soon.
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    Sorry forgot to post today's picks but here are tomorrows;
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    Hey welcome to the forum. I just have a few thoughts/questions about your thread. I think you may be on to something here but the stocks must be trade-able. HNIN traded $52 today, meaning illiquid and therefore tough to short, even if borrows are available. OMVS is too cheap to short, and I'd be long biased after today's action unless it can fall below support currently around .007. Even then subbies are not good shorts in my opinion.
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    CLNO down a quick 30, EEDG holding up.

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