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    Mad Money, in its first two years on the cable station, was one of CNBCs biggest hits. It was the only reason folks tuned in after market hours - so much so that the brass scheduled it three times a day.
    Cramer got so much ink from his success that, he wrote recently, people started to hate him for it. In fact, Cramer wrote in the June 4 issue of New York magazine, for every person who likes what I do, there are a dozen who hate me for it.
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    Fast Money sucks.. thats one of the problems

    The other problem is theyre too political... always kissing the Bush Administration's ass.. especially Larry Kudlow. If I wanted a Bush stroke fest, Id tune in Cavuto.
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    Or maybe he is such a good teacher, half his audience can now figure out stocks on their own thanks to his tutelage?
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    I made some money ON PAPER with Cramer, but Jim lacks ONE very important thing, control of his show, he is not organized at all.

    Lets look at Goog. He put it on his head, knuckles, just about everywhere, When it hit 515 back in early December of 06 he didn't say anything, it dropped to low 400's. Well, its back up but why didn't he tell his newbie students what was happening?

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