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    Thanks for the help on the Money Rates question. I really appreciate it. I just have one last question.

    Does anyone know if a table consisting of the 10 highest 7 day compound and simple yield for Government, Prime and Tax-Free Money Funds has any use at all to study once a week, when the table is usually available?
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    I have a weird feeling I am doing your homework for you.
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    No, I'm too old for that, but given your last sentiment, I don't think I'll ask anymore questions here. Sorry for the trouble.
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    Why don't you tell us more about what you are trying to learn. We all have questions here. We all try to help one-another.
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    If it was trouble I wouldn't have posted the link. You're questions are very complicated to answer, and sound like technical questions one might find in an economics class. I am OK with you not asking anymore, suit yourself. But I did answer, on my own time, at no charge, and honestly.

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