Thread: Which Type Of Bullying Hurts More?

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    Default Which Type Of Bullying Hurts More?

    Which Type Of Bullying Hurts More? (59 votes)

    Physical 29

    Mental/Psychological 71

    Speaking as someone who's experienced both (They Both Hurt) Mental/Psychological is far worse.
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    At least with physical you can fight back or call the cops.
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    i gotta disagree imo physical was worst because it requires strong mentality to confront someone when your not a fighter and especially if the guy is bigger
    from start to end i didnt care what people would say about me. Me not standing up for myself physically still bothers me to this day
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    Hmmmm. Yeah, both suck pretty badly. I was a scrawny ass, little guy with a big head who was too stupid to back down from fights and a dumb idea about protecting people so I got my narrow little butt kicked (especially in elementary school and junior high) a LOT. Which sucked, oh I can't tell you how bad. Worse, at my schools it didn't matter why you were fighting, if you got in a fight at school you got paddled which made everything worse. I got my butt kicked and I got paddled for (usually) doing the right thing, defending myself or someone else. However, I suppose, I more or less got used to that (except for the paddling that still burns in my shouldn't be punished for doing the right thing, but that's life sometimes), and the bruises and cuts and loose teeth heal.
    I was also poor, out of fashion, a geeky art and comics (trust me, back in the 80s liking comics and Dungeons and Dragons wasn't NEARLY as socially acceptable as it is now, especially in rural SE Texas), up until my Senior year in HS I was weird, my friends were weird and I was verbally abused and picked on. I let them made me feel small, weak, and ugly and like most kids I cried wondering what I did wrong to these people. Then I learned it wasn't ALL them (though most of it was) I made a friend who was "weird" but very charismatic and popular, he kinda helped me learn to carry myself and relax be more social, stuff like that and realize that meeting people half way isn't really that bad, and you can still be true to yourself. Still, I don't go to High School reunions, even though my best friends have begged me to come to them. I see people i went to High School with who treated me like garbage that act like we were friends and I just look at them like they're crazy.
    So, yeah. I barely remember who I was in all but the worst fights with, but I remember the people who abused me verbally and how it made me feel.

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