Thread: What are the Top-Performing Income ETFs of 2016?

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    Default What are the Top-Performing Income ETFs of 2016?

    Theres been a lot of drama surrounding financial markets during the first four months of 2016.

    By some measures, it was the worst start to the year ever for U.S. stocks.

    This was followed by a surprisingly robust recovery.

    But for all the painful turmoil, the S&P 500 is trading pretty much where it started the year.
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    What works today wont necessarily work tomorrow.

    Just ask any investor in MLPs, which have been hit unusually hard by the collapse of the energy sector.

    Looking across todays landscape of income investments, theres a new, hot sector in income-generating strategies.

    And I bet its one that you have not looked at in years.
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    As I surveyed the top-performing, income-oriented investments for 2016, I was surprised to find that it was the much-derided international stock markets or more specifically, emerging markets that accounted for three out of the five top-performing income investment strategies that I track.

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