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    I keep getting emails from a financial newsletter, promoting the penny stocks RGLG and LBYE. The claims are so over the top ("$5,000 will easily turn into $100,000!") I can't help but to be suspicious. Does anyone know why exactly these specific stocks are getting so much promotion? I get that this is supposed to be the hook that gets me to subscribe to the newsletters, but I was wondering how sound these stocks are. Are they good investments? I'm not going to invest several thousands of dollars, but would a few hundred be unreasonable? Thanks for any help.
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    Promotions so someone can get out/ company raise money. Check the disclaimers, they have to disclose the company name or third party if they are paid.

    Beware, LBYE down to .56 since being promoted, RGLG, I squealed on this one in the other RGLG thread.

    Keep in mind most of those newsletters get paid to promote and are playing in the best interest of their clients and not wishful/gullible investors.

    Isn't it ironic that some of those promotions start and then the company will release news, hmmmmm

    Like that one company that had a couple of different promo's and capped it off by throwing 3 PR's in one day! No names needed.

    Know what your getting into before you buy & play a penny like a penny!
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    These newsletters and promotions depend on people behaving like :sheep:

    It is not impossible to make money playing these kind of promotions, but it can be tricky. You have to get in right at the beginning and get out before the promotors or other parties dump the stock.
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    The movement of these stocks usually has nothing to do with anything other than press releases and wild promotions.

    The people who publish the newsletters are required by law to disclose the fact that they were compensated.

    Of course, all of this happens on a bigger scale with regular and mainstream stocks and companies. The "Big Boys" have dozens of people working in PR and investor relations. Lying and fudging and cheating and manipulating goes on everywhere, not just penny stocks. It's easier to spot with penny stocks because the promotors get $20,000 and / or stock, whereas the big boys have top-notch lawyers and million dollar budgets to hoodwink the public.
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    You have to get in right at the beginning and get out before the promotors or other parties dump the stock.

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