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    I have a question about oscillators. Does anyone use them? I was following a few stocks this week and the slow stochastic was registering "bullish" while the stock was going up and has now switched to "bearish" now that it has gone down about 4 !

    It seems as if oscillators are secondary indicators. Or that they are secondary to price movement. If I were to "buy now" I would have missed 4 of the move.

    Opinions? Of course I could always enter when the stock moved back up to resistance, but as of right now, that is beside the point.
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    I personally am not a big fan of oscillators, though I do sometimes use them as a confirmation indicator (though rarely).

    Oscillators in general I find are best for a secondary or tertiary indicator but I prefer price line and trend line support resistance indicators as a primary indicator and moving averages for a secondary indicator.

    Most of them are just mathematical formula's to graphically show price movement with some incorporating other indicators (such as volume) into the calculations.

    MACD is the one I most frequently use if I want to clean up my charts a bit.
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    Oscillators represent a useful technical analysis tool for discovering short-term overbought or oversold forex market conditions. Using oscillators can help forex traders notice when the currency is moving into an overbought/oversold situation and consider selling/buying it. The signals that oscillators give are considered to be of greatest value when they are located at the extremes of their scales. Additionally, the crossing of the zero line, when applicable, generally gives direction signals
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    thanks for the going to look at oscillators such as the money flow index...I was using the stochastics for swing trades and I don't seems to like it. It gives me the signal after really...

    Any thoughts on the money flow index?

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