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    Default would you recommend teamtrading?

    I'm new over here and on-and-off interested in trading for a while.

    I have two questions for you full-time or part-time traders. 2nd question in different post.

    I heard wonderful things from one of you (user florida if i remember correctly) about team trading or vcmtrading. What do others think about it? anyone has had different experiences/feeling?

    the full program is costy (12k) but the offer is appealing: they absorb losses, they even promise refund of course costs by granting 2k bonus foreach 12k u make with them
    [well, you need to make a 75-profit of 12k x 6 = 60K in the forex market only to get full refund which means making huge investments in that only, being warren buffet or waiting a lifetime [or not?] so I cannot see much feasibility in this option, but...i might be wrong]

    any feedback is welcome
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    if i'm reading the schedule correctly, it looks like the training is done as an online 'webinar'. which is probably good for most people. however, i don't think i would ever plop down 12k to watch videos from my computer.
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    There are cheaper ones out there but yes, good idea. Or join some of the regulars in the chat room here. You have to sift through the real traded and the speculative talk but it's always a good idea to have more than just your two eyes.

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