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    North American Palladium. I found this one back in Jan looking for some volatile stocks. Using my own 2nd peak rule(2 good spikes--I'm out), I got in at 2.61, got out at 2.98. 2 cents shy of it's peak for 2012. I'm happy with the profit. It's got plenty of room for more, so I'll be back on this one again.
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    Congratulations:thefinger: .
    Good exit.
    There is a resistance around $3
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    Like platinum and silver, palladium has industrial applications so keep an eye on demand for materials as this will likely affect the direction of the metal itself. Don't know enough about the company to opine.
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    Thanks all. I like things like palladium because like rhodium and a few other things, it's essential to electronics. gold and silver are nice but they're hardly the same market workhorse for the price.

    I'll be back for PAL, like I have other things.

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