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    Default broker help!!!?!?!?!?

    Im using trade king and come to find out I can't set trailing stop or stop loss on pink sheets or otc stocks.any suggestions ?
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    Try SureTrader - I believe they are the best broker for penny stocks right now. They even find shares to short.
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    I can recommend switching to or the one posted above me. Honestly tradeking isn't that great. It doesn't surprise me.
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    Zecco doesn't allow trailing stops on stocks under $5.
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    Most brokers do not allow trailing stops on OTC stocks. Because of the volatility with thees things, its just irrational. Could you imagine the chaos? I mean these things already tank fast enough. You would always get filled way below the 'trigger' of the trailing stop because of downward pressure and lack of buyers. Its hard enough to get filled during a landslide, let alone having 20-50 or possibly more trailing stops get triggered at the same time. Its just not feasible. If you want to trade OTC stocks profitably, you need to learn to sell on the way up. And if you don't have time to watch them all day, you may want to reconsider your strategy.

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