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    BEAST in the making, SNDY has more potential then ATRN, it is in the CANCER industry and has patents on new products being released this year get in while you can at these prices sold the last of my ATRaiN shares to get in here! WOW THIS STOCK IS ON FIRE, and awesome flip plays!! Holding for the long =]
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    This one is about done dude, why you always late to the party? If you would have been in chat you've seen I've been covering it since .005
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    I bought 150k at .0041 Im hold this till at LEAST .15
    I understand youre a scalp trader or whatever, but wtf are you talking about this one is done, this is just getting started.. you said the same to atrn and look where its at now...

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    Have you read the ATRN thread? LOL Never said it was "done" I've suggested a few entry and exit points, but ATRN former Nasdaq so who knows where it could end up.

    Just don't be a stuck holder on this Chief.
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    Ya well you just said this one is DONE, and you certainly didnt reassure me about ATRN but I knew I had a good thing the whole time like I do on this one, for now on I only post gold like this and atrn... I dont like how you seem to be the RULER of these forums and then charge people for your advice in your chat room pretty silly to me, thanks for the free trial, it was LAMEEEEE dont need to pay squat to anyone to make money in this game, ill post BOMBING stocks here for others for free!! BOOMBOOM!!

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