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    BANR is showing signs of an upcoming breakout as price action and volume are making some bull signals here. A breakout above $2.59 and this stock is a buy for a day trade.

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    I can both appreciate the research that has apparently went into what looks to be an at least somewhat
    promising stock, which I don't know a whole lot about this one but the data looks promising, and I can also
    see the potential you speak of, I am wondering if there exists any reason as to why this couldn't be a long play?
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    Speculatively speaking of course, but if it did there might be some serious gains to be had.
    Of course, we might be talking 10 years as well...
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    I'm adding this stock to my watchlist. However, if the stock doesn't break above $2.6, I probably won't buy it. One thing to be cautious about the stock is the low trading volume.
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    Based on the height of the pattern it's setting up for a $1 move higher. This also happens to correlate with the gap lower on the daily chart back in June.

    If you're going to trade this one put a tight stop on it. Given the fact it's earnings blow and all it has going for it is a promising looking chart I'd imagine there will be plenty of weak handed traders piling in this one. I suspect she'll fall as quck as she rises. Don't be left holding the bag.

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