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    Default Mini Parcels whats dScam?

    I did a flick thru the Course of Sales in several companies today[BBG,MRL,PTD,PBG and UXC]From a total of Less than Ten,these five showed evidence of Multiple Small[under $1000,some under $500 total]trades in sequence throughout the Day.
    I've carried on about this activity before[CBH]but it seems to me to be becoming a widespread,every day activity and I can't make any,not a bit, of sense to WHY it's happening.

    These are Patently UnEconomic Trades to a small investor/punter because of the Brokerage.

    They occur too frequently and across the Board in different shares to be'random'.

    It has been suggested this is Funds adjusting to the Index.I reject this explanation because of the frequency and micro$ nature of the Trades[frequently less than $100 worth of BBG was involved today]
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    Anyway,I'm sick of it and when I have time later this month I'm for hounding ASIC and the ASX as well as the Share Registries[Perp and Compu] for some proper explanation of
    What d'F[goodness] is Going ON!!!?!!

    The problem is that the Raw Info is only around for a Day and I can't screen-save examples so IF any of you observe what I'm talking about
    Would you make a note of it in this thread?
    If you have a rationale for these events?I'd appreciate hearing of such.Just make sure you've observed accurately the phenomena I'm rabbiting about.This is like 20times a day across a range of shares that say 200bucks worth trade,often after a time pause.
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    Do you find this only happens with the bargain classes of sails when they are being ripped apart by the wind and the decks are being pooped

    I personally have only seen it when my sails are in the drink and somebody wants to make it look much worse than it already is ATM

    My apologies!
    I always thought it was YOU!

    Go for their throat Sea-Dog !
    It certainly does not look Kosher to me

    It's a bit like bluffing
    The one who bluffs the most is the weakest
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    They don't seem to be able to do it when a share is running and in full spread presented to the wind?

    I will keep my eyes out
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    I used to be with AOT and you could have several contracts per day and only pay one brokerage fee - not sure if any other on-line brokers have the same - still doesn't explain those trades...

    Real reason for posting - I'm on Apple Mac and I can take a screen capture any old time with just a couple of button clicks - I use it all the time for market depth . But at my other job, I'm on PC and I've downloaded this software (hope the link is allowed) - you just set it up so that when it's running you hit a couple of keys (eg Command + PrintScreen) and you get a crosshair on your screen which you use to enclose the area you want a pic of. Then just paste into a Word or Excel doc.

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