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    Default What class is better to take?

    What class is better to take? (30 votes)

    Boxing 13

    BJJ 13

    MMA 70

    I have been interested in taking a combat sport class for two reason.

    1. I want to get back into shape. ( once I finished school I kinda stop playing sports and gained 10-15lbs. )
    2. I want to know some form of combat so I can defend myself.

    Should I take MMA and learn a little of everything, or should a spend all my time learn either Boxing or BJJ.
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    I have never done BJJ or MMA, but I have done boxing, and I can assure you that you will get a really good workout doing it. In my life, the only thing I've ever signed up for that physically challenged me more than boxing was JROTC.
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    As far as the self defense goes, I'd say MMA is most likely your best bet. Take MMA and you learn the best bits of every major combat sport, not just one. But again, I've never done it, so take my advice at face value.
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    I just feel like pure BJJ would be more useful in a street fight should I ever be attacked.
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    Depends what you want to do. They will all help with fitness and self esteem. As well as give you discipline and help teach respect .
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    He's going to need good luck finding a Savate gym. It's a very uncommon combat sport. Even in France, it's not popular anymore.

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