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    Default Brokers with more than 2:1 margin?

    Yeah so i have a strong track record; turned 2,000 into 10k in one of my accounts and 3k into 5k in my other. Are there any brokers that will provide me more than 2:1 margin with an account under 25k? What about once i have more than 25k?
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    Naw, if trading stocks/ETFs with under $25k, 2:1 is all you'll get. With more than $25k, you can get 4:1 margin for INTRADAY trading only (overnight trades are still limited to 2:1). If you switch to trading futures, you'll have much more leverage than with stocks/ETFs.
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    Just work your magic, take that 10 and make it into 50 and stop worrying
    about these puny limitations because soon you'll have more than enough.

    Then just keep enough liquid...
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    True story.

    Most brokers that I know of will let you have 4:1 after 25,000 is reached, but it's intraday only. LightSpeed, MB Trading, Think or Swim, etc. Watch your commissions cost though, some brokers will rip you off.

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