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    The company seems to be on the rebound after announcing a few weeks back a Debt Purchase and Settlement Agreement (20 Million dollar load forgiveness.) The stocks been climbing back up since mid August. Thoughts?
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    Price still seems to be settling down. I'm curious what other investors see here. bluehorseshoestocks Newsletter featured FREE on their extended watchlist today.
    This is what they wrote...
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    Made lower highs off top, a bearish sign. However, its approaching .60 support. If it can hold in the morning it'll get a dead cat bounce for you. Chart is just not there at the moment. You posted about this near the top. I try to play things about to make a move, not those that have already made the move. Could this setup a bullish pattern in the future? Sure, I've played this in the past lots of times, but at the moment their are easier setups. Keep it simple and easy. Make money, move on. Don't guess or gamble, just play high quality, predictable setups.

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    FREE did both today, gotta a quick bounce this morning, then support cracked and is now sitting near .50.
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    Great advice, thank you. I thought it would peak higher than it did and didn't get out soon enough. I'm hanging on to it for now and trying to learn from my mistakes.

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