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    Why would the PPS of 'AA" Alcoa be going down with all the good news for them..
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    News may be good for the company, but good news doesn't pay you. Only the dividend (AA - 12 cents a year) and price action (traders buying and selling) pays.

    This is the most common mistake I see among new traders. It's not your fault, you just don't know any other way, yet.

    What price did you buy at, and what is your stop plan and/or target price to sell?

    No stock will go up forever, eventually people will take some profits. Pullbacks are just part of market cycles. Before getting into a trade I have a plan based on the price action at that moment. Every stock can be different though. It could be a 5 minute plan or a 1 year plan. Nonetheless, having a plan will help take emotion out of the trade so you can focus on finding good entries and then let the plan work.
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    That's really the key isn't it? Just because the news is great doesn't mean the price will rise. Ok so a bunch of people think "ye that's great news I'll buy some." What better time for a few hedge funds to unload a couple 10 million shares to take profits over a one week period and only see a .50 drop in price.....sometimes when buyers are lined up there is someone at the door with armloads to sell. You just never know.
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    AA is a good stock and more importantly a different company from 5 years ago. It's a good long term holding. That said, anything can happen.

    In the short term, I believe the share price will RESUME it's rise shortly. The market is in a pause, so it's not strange that AA is stalled.


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