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    Regarding my parents, my dad won't let me watch Friday the 13th movies, because "the only point of Friday the 13th is to kill" and that he wouldn't even watch it. He uses the fact he wouldn't watch it as an excuse that I shouldn't watch it. That's like saying I would drink alcohol if he did. Would I no? Unlike my dad, I care about my liver! Yet, he will let me play Mortal Kombat 9, Arkham City, and watch Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men movies at age 11. I realize that X-Men, Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy are not as violent as Friday the 13th, but I'm making a comparison. Saying that if he lets me watch those at age 11, he should let me watch something more violent, 4 years later. Also, I played Force Unleashed when I was 7 years old and watched Star Wars movies at 6 years old. Also, he lets my 4-year-old half sister watch "The Simpsons", which has prank call jokes (I.P Freely, Mike Rotch, etc), and car crashes. That's not ridiculous logic at all.
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    I was raised with a strong sense of fiction vs. reality. All of the "movie magic" of makeup and special effects was shown to me when I was young, so blood and monsters were completely demystified to me. That said, I still didn't consume "violent" media until I was 10-12-13. In that range. The logic was that I should enjoy stuff that was age appropriate because I would cease to enjoy that stuff when I got older; I had the rest of my life to enjoy "mature" material.
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    My dad used to let me watch 20 dead a minute movies at a very early age. Arnie, Sly, stuff like that.
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    Heh, funnily enough I went the other way and am now obsessed with horror.
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    My mom was the more protective type and for the most part would not let me or at least discourage playing violent video games or watching violent movies. My dad was kinda the opposite and I probably shouldn't have seen some stuff that I did at such an early age. I think I was watching From Dusk Till Dawn (I loved that movie) at about age 4-6 and playing Resident Evil 1 and 2 with my dad at age 6, maybe even younger.
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    Considering the inconsistency of the narrative of not allowing you to watch items that show case murderous acts of violence, then that could have been the actual reason.

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