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    Default How do you feel about CNN?

    As the title says, how do you feel about CNN?
    Is it a good new station or is it "Fake News" as some call it?
    Or do you think it's something in the middle?
    This thread was made in light of recent accusations on the station, not from any bias.
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    Its a reliable news site and I rely on it often. Much better than Fox news and Breitbart IMO which are biased.
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    Some days they are pretty bad at their jobs... A news program should have journalist reporting facts. As soon as you have a TV pundit spinning stories, or using the same old talking points, I find it unwatchable. Also if you are a 24 hour news network why can't you spend more than seven minutes explaining a single story? I'm sure CNN have a few really great reporters, but there are so many other places that cover the news much better.... (PBS for one) Also 24 hour news networks main job is selling ad time, that also includes FOX, and MSNBC... It's easier to get people to watch news that they want to believe in than to actually inform them.... As far as CNN reporting fake news? Can we change fake news to lazy news?

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