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    Who could tell me where I can find a rating of free robots? I did a google search and I could not find any. I tried and so far have only found one by Rita Lasker but with $1,000 deposit the profits are only $40-60 per day . I am wondering if all free robots are the same a large deposit and not much profit? Is there something better?
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    Why should it be? Depends entirely on the reasons for entry and exit, the size of risk, the target size, the risk as a proportion of the account size, surely.
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    So you want to say that it's useless to search anything better among free robots?
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    The Collective C2 website monitors automated systems.

    If you think you can get a free EA that makes $40 to $60 a day on a $1000 account you are in dreamworld, thats 100 a month..and you think thats a 'large deposit and not much profit'?

    If you look at some of those systems on C2 you'll see that even the ones that show a good profit on paper dont work anywhere near as well in the real world.
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