Should America's War on Drugs End? (27 votes)

Yes, drugs don't decrease on the street, the war gives reason to higher incarceration rates, that's it 70%
Yes, It was made up by the government, for the government, it's a conspiracy anyways 22%
Don't use drugs, Don't live in America, Don't Care 7%
No, cigarrette's and alcohol are bad enough, why let things these harmful chemicals become socially acceptable 15%
No... Screw Druggies 15%
So before Anything, I realize a similar thread like this was made a couple years ago: Here
So it was reasonably locked, I could understand. I'll understand if this one gets locked, but at least let me make my disclaimer.
Just because the topic is on Legalizing Drugs. Does not mean I think Drugs are good. Nobody should think that, drugs are Bad. Period. However I think the topic could help point into discussions more concerning things like Punishment vs rehabilitation or Safety vs Freedom

Now that I've made my disclaimer, I speak a bit about my personal thoughts on the subject. I feel like legalizing drugs, would of course, make it more controlled and safer, etc. But, as the disclaimer above says, no matter what they'll be bad.
More importantly I think the Police force would have time to focus on actual criminal activities. Yeah Crack makes some people Robbers and thieves, but others, not so much. Why arrest drug addicts who aren't hurting anybody, but themselves? Why not arrest the addicts who become thiefs or commit other crimes and actually put more effort into the rehabilitation process. Maybe Publicize the Private Rehab's that cost thousands, and most repeat offenders have no access to.
Meanwhile, the current system is set to where a person will sell drugs for years, go to jail for years, and come right out doing the same stuff. Because why not? Prison's take your freedom, but they keep you alive, when you get out you get out you live it up. The fact that drugs are illegal, changes nothing about how that works. Instead we can train them, teach them, help set up new business.
I understand there are other cons beside health and direct safety risk. A jump into that sort of action, would literally turn the economy and the current justice system on it's ass. Things like out of country Cartels would start fighting for priority seller. Etc.