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How to use Premium Decay for consistent growth...

I knew OF premium decay...but until I watched this video I never knew how powerful and SIMPLE it was to apply!

It's a very clever way to "insure" your portfolio.

In this video, master options trader John Carter shows you a simple and effective strategy for using premium decay, and he also shows you his strategy to make money on a stock if it's going up...or DOWN!

John Carter shows you exactly how to trade options (using his simple strategies) to grow your account.

Here's what you'll learn from this video:

* How to "control"? stocks for a fraction of their price so you don't risk all your capital

* How you can generate consistent returns being dead wrong

* What "premium decay"? is and how you can use to it to give yourself an edge

* How you can set up occasional home run trades while generating consistent returns

* A handful of key stocks so you don't go bug-eyed looking for stocks to trade

That's my play everyday. Sell premium as close to 45 days to expiration and enjoy the ride. Your max daily return on capital occurs during the drop that happens from 50-11 days...then gamma risk becomes an issue and the returns diminish.