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Hello every one! I'm a newbie to t2w and trading as well. Right now I'm working on a strategy for trading gold 100 oz using tick data that seems to be working for me from my back testing. But I'm having a hard time picking point of entry. My rule is to enter at the close of the bar but I find it really hard to do this because the bar most all ways is moving so fast at the close that it just can't be pegged. What I have been trying is to have the high and low of the bar highlighted on the side of the chart and place an order at these points depending on if I want to go short or long once the count down on the bar is around 15% . But even with this I'm missing my mark a lot of the time. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I know I could all was just go with a market order at the close but I don't want to if there is a better way

What platform are you using? Any decent platform should allow you to code your entry rules and then it should execute them for you. Alternatively you should use a better interface like a ladder or a chart to enter manually with just one click.

John Thomas
Thanks for the replay Adamus, I'm using Traded Navigator as my platform. They do have an auto system that comes with their high end version but I don't have it . I was using a ladder to enter manually but I use a 150 tick chart and price moves so fast at the close in this setting you're lucky if you can pag it This morning I set an audio alert at 10% of the bar remaining and just hit market once it was triggered It seemed to get me in with in a tick or two if not dead on at the close. It seems to work the best out of every thing I've tryed so it might just be the key. I ended up with 49 ticks after fees at the end of my morning that was in sim mode mind you :P

Hmm yes sorry but I don't know that one.

You must be getting a lot of ticks per second. On retail platforms like the one I use the feed is normally compressed so you only get 4 or 5 at most per second.