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Hi Everyone,

I am attending a car show exhibit in our area and I plan to look for all the cars and of course this kind of event has lots of hot car show girls.

If ever I find one attractive, what is the best approach and questions to ask so that I could get her number or email? I plan to date a model in a coffee shop or restaurant only.

Thank you all.

Why not be bold and ask, but realize that you might be one of several that have approached her (or him) that past hour or day. They're being paid to be friendly and flirtatious. Try and not make it a goal or a trophy and perhaps that effort will shine through as sincerity (whether it's faked or not).

Quite often these shows have security guards whose job is to keep hopeful male visitors from hassling the models; they don't always wear rentacop outfits, but they can usually be spotted by their beefy build and watchful demeanour. Having said that, if you manage to get past the guards, a line that you could use is this: Ask her if she likes poultry. If she says "yes", whip your penis out and say "suck on this, because it's foul". Works every time.

I'm just curious..............do have much luck with that line????????

glitterbag wrote:

I'm just curious..............do have much luck with that line????????

Of course. Why do you ask?