View Full Version : I thought moving to the sticks would be quieter!

Damn - these creatures at night....they are loud. I have to close the windows. This chirping and what not. Whoever said the country away from the city was quiet and peaceful was out of their mind.

It was quieter when I lived in the city a year ago - this summer not sure what it is but the creatures are loud. I even yelled at them out the window and they don't shut up. I had the dog barking at them. Nothing makes them stop.

Does anyone know what they are? I think they are some sort of frogs. Is there a way to get rid of them? I need to sleep.

They're all getting their own back for you using the chain saw during the day.

Crickets aren't anything compared to how loud these creatures are - you think if I get a few coyotes they will eat them?

Does it sound like this?

I'm using my new nexus and haven't yet figured out how to create the brackets with the virtual keyboard so can't embed the video, you'll have to click to hear the katydids.

They're a problem all over.


I was thinking cicadas too. We're listening to the annual variety now. They quiet down once it gets cooler. The 17-year version is something else altogether. Our last 17-year invasion was 2007. The people next door were running a generator, but I could barely here it. The shells were many inches thick on the ground around the trees.